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Trotter, dust & moisture control for equestrian footing

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Product Description




Dust-Free Conditions, Indoors or Out


Trotter Dust Eliminator is a granular absorbent mineral that blends easily into any footing material to increase the water holding capacity and prevent dust for indoor and outdoor equestrian areas.


Trotter is an excellent dust control agent because it's made from formerly living plankton. Ages ago, vast quantities of plankton existed in fresh water lakes. When these organisms perished, the plant-like portions decomposed, leaving the skeletal remains of opaline silica. These microscopic skeletal structures, called diatoms, form the diatomaceous earth (DE) from which Trotter is made. Trotter is inert, pH neutral and easy to handle because it's all natural.


Nature's Most Absorbent Mineral


Trotter's absorbent properties are unique due to its extremely porous, rigid structure. In fact, Trotter is 82% porous and absorbs up to 140% of its weight in water (compared to 12% for sand and 16% for pumice). This means each granule absorbs water quickly and dramatically improves the water-holding capacity of your footing material. Trotter will also distribute water more evenly throughout your footing.


Effective for Years


Trotter undergoes rigorous processing. After the ore is granulated, it is kiln-fired (calcined) to 1800° F to provide long-lasting durability and performance. It is then packaged to provide you with the most reliable form of natural moisture control available. Trotter will continue to work for years as it has a continuous ability to absorb and release water.


Easy to Apply


To apply Trotter, determine the size of the area you wish to treat, apply two pounds per spare foot, spread evenly, and incorporate into the top 4 or 5 inches of footing material with an appropriate implement for the material (i.e.; harrow for sawdust or shavings, or a tiller for sand or dirt). This rate is the equivalent of applying 20% by volume. A medium-sized arena can be treated with the help of a few people as a morning or afternoon project. After installation, water the area thoroughly to initiate superior dust control. Since the natural color darkens when wet, this feature acts as a built-in moisture indicator. To rejuvenate Trotter, simply re-wet periodically.


Controls EXCESS Moisture Too!


Trotter controls mud by the same action it controls dust: By absorbing water. For muddy areas, follow the same application rates, except do not add water. If possible, we recommend rolling the arena after application to help settle and firm up the soil. In cases of either too-wet or too-dry footing conditions, Trotter will provide dramatic results and long lasting performance! Trotter can also be used in your bedding mix to absorb moisture and keep the stalls dry and clean.

Each bag of Trotter is 25 pounds and is one cubic foot by volume. 

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